F.W. Walton Roofing Dallas, formerly known as Specifed Urethane Systems Co. , Inc. (SUSCO), has been in the roofing industry for over 35 years. We specialize in the application of quality SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) roofing systems, growing and thriving over the years on a strong commitment to quality and customer service.  The quality work that has earned us our reputation comes from highly experienced crews, using quality materials, attention to detail, and a “customer first” mentality.  We ensure that excellence is built in to everything we do with you, by using state-of-the-art technologies and systems.  Our customers include many fortune 500 customers like Texas Instruments® and educational institutions like Texas A&M®.  Our customers often include us early on in the design process so we can lend our expertise and years of experience to help minimize cost and improve the quality of the application.  FW Walton Dallas offers a variety of services which include; Maintenance Programs, Repairs, Tear-Offs, Layovers, Insulated Roofing Systems, Air Barriers and Coatings. Segments we serve include; Commericial, Manufacturing, Sustainable Retail, Distilleries,  Property Managers, Building Managers, Universities, Schools, Medical Centers, Agricultural (when temperature and humidity control are important). Due to the superior adhesion properties of the foam we use and low weight, our roofing systems can be applied over Built up Roofing (BUR), Modified Bitumen, Concrete, Metal, Wood, and Single Ply.

F.W. Walton Dallas aquired SUSCO (Specified Urethane Systems Co. Inc.) in 2015.  After nearly 40 years in the roofing industry, Pete Lockwood of SUSCO decided to pass the baton and sold SUSCO to Patrick Walton, owner of F.W. Walton Dallas LLC, a subsidiary of F.W. Walton, Inc.

We look forward to working with you in the future to help you solve your roofing needs.  Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation.



Our Team

GarrettGarrett Domingue

Garrett is the General Manager for F.W. Walton Dallas, LLC. and has years of  military and business experience he utilizes to help drive the business forward.  Garrett holds a BS in Accounting from Methodist University and has finance experience as an auditor with the Department of Defense.  In addition to his role as GM, Garrett assists with estimating and sales. Contact Garrett at gdomingue@waltonroofingdallas.com.



Chris Lockwood

Chris is the Production Manager for F.W. Walton Dallas, LLC., managing daily operations.  Chris has over eight years of experience in applying and managing the application of SPF systems.  Chris was a four-year starter on the soccer team at the University of South Carolina where he earned a degree in Journalism. Contact Chris at clockwood@waltonroofingdallas.com


Laura AlmagnerLaura Almaguer

Laura is our Administrative Assistant at F.W. Walton Dallas.  She has over 10-years of administrative experience. Laura is from Dallas and is currently pursuing her degree from the Dallas County Community College.